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Welcome to No But's Too Big. My name is Alisa Shakespeare and I am a Health and Wellness Coach. I am trained in human lifestyle, self-motivation, fitness, diet and nutrition.  I I was inspired to start No But's Too Big to help people get their "but" out of the head. How often have you said words such as  "I would work out more but...or I would eat  healthier but....or I would pay closer attention to my spiritual health but....?" I want to help and empower you to discover your unique "WHY" behind the  reasons and desires you may have to change. No But's Too Big offers a wide variety of services including mind, body and spirit. We will help you identify your own internal strengths, values and personal goals. With the help of science backed motivational techniques, theory of change and positive psychology. Our health coaches support and guide their clients to be their own experts on themselves, including their mind, body and circumstances they live within. The staff at No But's Too Big is  trained to help clients build bridges between their own personal health goals or a physician’s diagnosis and their real life. 

We are looking forward to working with you!

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Taking the time to fill out a fitness assessment is a way for the staff at No But's Too Big to get to you know you! Fitness assessments are designed to allow each client to think about fitness levels across all pillars of health. Below there are a few documents that describe a fitness assessment that is performed on each of our staff members at No But's Too Big. At No But's Too Big we believe in treating the WHOLE, the WHOLE PERSON~Enjoy. 

Fit Women

It’s nearly impossible to control your thoughts and feelings but you can control your behaviors

Women Practicing Yoga

“Your soul isn’t here to achieve. Your soul is here to grow. Most people get this wrong. They become seduced by success and broken by failure.”
― Vishen Lakhiani, The Buddha and the Badass: Find Bliss and Conquer the World with a New Way of Work

Healthy Morning

The road to health is paved with good intestines!”
― Sherry A. Rogers

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