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Education is power, gather it now.!

The No But's Too Big is committed to helping you take next step in your fitness, wellness, and spiritual journey. We are all looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your goals!

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This stress management program provides you with a quick guide to manage stress at home and at work. 

A quick look at a simple fitness program that requires little equipment or memberships. This program is easy to add your daily routine.  

If you are registered for the upcoming No But's Too Big Event, you and get a look at the first weeks seminar notes! 

When we think about health and wellness our minds to not always consider spiritual healing. However, sciences suggest that prayer and meditation play a major hand in good health. 

Here we take a quick look at diet and nutrition. No But's Too Big puts a big focus on gut health and the role that diet plays in health. 

Enjoy our up to date articles!

The Science Behind NMN–A Stable, Reliable NAD+Activator and Anti-Aging Molecule

You may find it shocking to know that in 2018 the WHO (World Health Organization) has classified aging as a disease. This article discusses the importance of NAD and what can be done about increasing NDA levels using the supplement NMN. NDA is in all living organisms and life is not possible without NDA. numerous studies, supplementation with NMN has increased NAD+ biosynthesis, suppressed age-related adipose tissue inflammation, enhanced insulin secretion and insulin action, improved mitochondrial function, improved neuronal function in the brain, and more.” (Shade 2020) 


Shade C. (2020). The Science Behind NMN-A Stable, Reliable NAD+Activator and Anti-Aging Molecule. Integrative medicine (Encinitas, Calif.), 19(1), 12–14. 


The Role of Gut Microbiota in Immune Homeostasis

One of the key roles of the gut microbiota is to help the body and immune system maintain homeostasis. This article helps us understand how the gut microbiota works with the innate and adaptive immune system to maintain good health and strong immunity. The imbalance of the gut microbiota can also cause autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, colitis, and Crohn's disease.  

The Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Gut Microbiota and Human Health

One of the crucial issues in the standard American diet is the lack of fiber. The gut microbiota is made up of trillions of bacteria that are needed to sustain human life. It is estimated that the human body is 3 times more bacteria cells verse human tissue cells. As we learn more about the importance of gut microbiota the more important diet becomes in maintaining good health and wellness. “In humans, the gut microbiota has evolved through a symbiotic relationship with the host. It offers the host benefits through the protection it provides against pathogens.” (Myhrstd, Tunsio, Charnock and Telle-Hasen 2020) Fiber has been shown to help with ‘good gut” bacteria. 80% of the immune system is in the gut and therefore a healthy diet is the first line of defense against the bacteria and virus that live in us, on us and among us.  


Myhrstad, M., Tunsjø, H., Charnock, C., & Telle-Hansen, V. H. (2020). Dietary Fiber, Gut Microbiota, and Metabolic Regulation-Current Status in Human Randomized Trials. Nutrients, 12(3), 859. 

No But's Too Big is here to help YOU get YOUR "But" out of your head! We all have busy lives and many times it is hard to get and stay motivated. We are committed to support and education so you are able to better understand the "why" diet and exercise are so critical to health and wellness. 

8 Impressive Health Benefits and Uses of Parsley

Parsley is one of those foods that is somewhat forgotten. This article discusses the profound benefits that parsley has when made a regular part of a healthy well balanced diet. Parsley has antioxidants that help reduce inflammation increase cardiovascular health and balance blood sugar.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

This article focuses on the health benefits of mindfulness. Research suggests that mindfulness helps with several pillars of human healthy including stress reduction, focus, reduced anxiety and increased memory function. Yoga, meditation, talk therapy, music therapy are among the top tools used to help people be come more mindful and present in their lives. 

Davis, D. M., & Hayes, J. A. (2012, July). What are the benefits of mindfulness? Monitor on Psychology, 43(7).

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