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Warning: Balancing Gut Heath Could Result in Higher Energy, Improved Immune Function, Clearer Skin, Healing Chronic Illness, Less Sick Days, Possible Weight Loss, Better Memory, Happier Fork and Knife equals Happier Life!

Do You Have the Guts?

Welcome to "Do You Have the Guts" Wellness Retreat. We are going to spend the next three day understanding how the foods we eat can affect our gut microbiome. What is the gut microbiome you ask, that is for Day 1. Why do we need to understand the micribiome and how does it affect all pillars of health you ask, that is for Day 2 and then putting everything we learning into action is going to be the best part of the weekend so we we will save the best for last with an amazing interactive luncheon where we will learn what to cook and how to cook on a "time and money budget".

Welcome...No But's Too Big Team. 

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